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Tracy\'s Treasures Thrift And More

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We all know the big three tips for being green are reduce, reuse and recycle. Did you know that by shopping at a thrift store, you could live those three? You could be stylish, keep more money in your pocket and help the environment! At Tracy’s Treasures Thrift and More find out how fun being green can be.

Reduce: Thrift store shopping cuts out the demand for high shipping and production costs for garments. The clothes have already been created. The clothes are already in our town. The clothing is in great shape, it has just been loved once already. When you shop at a thrift store you decrease your carbon footprint thanks to the carbon emissions you cut out from buying new from a big box store.

Reuse: This one is easy. Thrift store clothes are being reused. These articles are getting a new life. A sweater that is too small for you may be a perfect work sweater for someone else.

Recycle: When you keep thrift store clothing out of the trash you are recycling. Clothing should stay in the closet. Whether it is your closet or someone else’s is all about recycling.

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